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Children 0-12:

Dinner in the dark

Not to see – does not mean not to see at all, but to see differently. A new world, which opens the opportunity to fully give way to your feelings, imagination, taste and smell. A possibility to learn something new about yourself, to understand the darkness and to feel differently.

We present you, in cooperation with the Blind Dream, the unique opportunity to have supper in total darkness.
You will be served by skilful blind waiters.

This is the possibility to understand the feelings of a blind man and to experience the same. During the two-hour supper you will see how your taste, smell and touch changes, all senses become more acute. You can fully rely on our personal, who will take care of you, as they feel themselves as confident in the darkness, as a person with sight in the daylight.

Dinner in the dark takes place in Grand Palace Hotel restaurant, 12 Pils street, Riga

  1. Choose the day, when you would like to enjoy supper;
  2. Choose the menu;
  3. Choose the number of guests and send your request to e-mail;
  4. As soon as the reservation charge is paid, you will receive confirmation;
  5. After supper you will have a chance to spend some time in the candle light.

Do not stop dreaming and believing in miracles!

Price for 4 course dinner is 70 eur / per person

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